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What YOU Can Do

Thanks for coming to this page. We really appreciate your support.

Fund We have hired an attorney for the next phase and
would appreciate your help in funding this fight.

You may donate online at our .. GoFundMe page.

As we’ve explained, the byzantine land development code interpretation concocted by the Town staff to justify this project has the potential to affect a very large number of people across the Estes Valley. Just about anyone living adjacent to RE–1 zoned residential land might find themselves faced with the possibility of a commercial amusement facility next door!!

PLEASE bring this message to anyone you know who isn’t already aware of the project and its wider implications. Tell them to come to this website, familiarize themselves with the problem and then move on to this list of things you can all do now to help. We have retained legal advice to help us in the next phases of this project. We would greatly appreciate your help in funding what may well be a protracted fight.

  1. We are organizing a public petition against the coaster. A classroom at the EP Community Center will be open for this purpose on Tuesday, September 25, from 2 - 9 PM. It's likely you have already received an e-mail about this and explaining what you can do if you cannot make it to the session on September 25. If you are still in doubt about how to sign the petition, please contact Graham Russell.

  2. We are accepting donations in two ways:

    EITHER write a check to "John Gehlhausen PC Trust" and mail to either ... 

      Graham Russell
    1717 Ptarmigan Trail
    Estes Park, CO 80517
    Or Diane Van Der Ploeg
    1865 Stonegate Dr.
    Estes Park, CO 80517
    John Gehlhausen is an attorney who has graciously agreed to use his law firm’s trust account for collection and safeguarding of funds.

  3. OR please goto www.gofundme.com/epcats to donate online. Your donations will be forwarded electronically to the trust account mentioned above.

  4. Write letters to the Mayor and all the Trustees telling them why you’re against this project. They’ve been told they aren’t allowed to talk about it, so all you’ll probably get is a short boilerplate response. However, they need to know how many angry people there are out there because sooner or later they will be called upon to put a stop to this type of devious behavior on the part of the Town staff.
    Click on any image or name below to send your thoughts in an email to an individual

    Todd Jirsa

    Ron Norris
    Mayor Pro Tem

    Eric Blackhurst

    Ken Zornes


    Marie Cenac

    Patrick Martchink
    *** The above trustees reflects the current board (after Cody Walker's Recall) with Eric Blackhurst filling Cody Walker's seat ***

  5. You’re also perfectly entitled to email Cody Walker directly. No merit in being rude or accusatory but you might point out some of the comments he made in his campaign concerning transparency, focus on workforce housing, taking care of seniors, “do we always have to develop everything” etc. You’ll find these in the What’s Gone Wrong page. Again, you probably won’t get a response, but you never know, if he gets enough angry correspondence, he might just rethink his plans. If you email Walker, please copy the other Trustees.

  6. Letters to the Editor of the Trail Gazette. They won’t all get published but our objective is to flood the paper with correspondence opposing the project. Again, no abusive or defamatory comments about Walker, the mayor or the other Trustees. Stick to the material you find in this website questioning the Town staff’s dubious interpretation of the land development code, the inherent conflict of interest and the general lack of transparency in the way it’s been handles (no public hearing etc.). No harm either in pointing out Walker’s campaign comments (see 2 above) and asking how this project squares with what he said.

  7. Attend Town Board and Mayor’s Chat meetings and make your voice heard. Upcoming opportunities:
    [ Click Here For Scheduled Town Meetings ]

  8. Write to the County Commissioners. Same sort of content you send to the Trustees. Again, you won’t get much of a response, but they too need to know how many people are outraged by what’s going on.
    Click on any image or name below to send your thoughts in an email to an individual
    John Kefalas
    County Commissioner
    District 1
    Steve Johnson
    County Commissioner
    District 2
    Tom Donnelly
    County Commissioner
    District 3
    ** [ CLICK HERE T0 send same email to both county commissioners ] **

  9. Finally, PLEASE come back to this page frequently because it’s a fast-moving situation and What You Can Do will certainly change.
Thank you all for your help and support.

If you have questions or bright ideas, please email them to us click here "noestescoaster@gmail.com".
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